Welcome to Ms. Kendall's Class!

Hello second graders and parents!

About Me

I grew up in New Castle with my mom, dad, and brother. I attended Parker Elementary and then went to New Castle High School. After I graduated high school I went to college at Indiana University. I then graduated with my Bachelors in Elementary Education.

After college I moved back to New Castle where I now teach at Riley Elementary School. I live with my German Shepard, Monster (but he isn't really scary at all)!

I did gymnastics for 13 years at Small Wonders Gymnastics. I also used to do a couple other sports like cross country and volleyball! Now my hobbies consist of coaching gymnastics, baking, and watching Netflix with my dog!


Hello students! I am so excited to have you all in class and I hope you are excited for it too! This year we are going to learn so many different things and experiment with a variety of activities. I plan to make this year fun and full of surprises! I want you all to be ready for an awesome year! We are going to take on second grade and conquer everything it has to offer! By the time you are done with my class you will be well prepared for third grade!


Hello parents! Thank you for visiting my website and exploring all of my different pages! I hope you have found my website to be helpful and informational on this year's class will be like.

This year students will pushed harder than they've ever been! It is my goal to make each child reach their full potential in their education and as a person. I believe each one of your children are unique and have a special gift to give to everyone. I will try my best to accommodate all of your children's needs!

I will be trying a variety teaching techniques and exploring many unique activities to get the students engaged differently than they have been before. I want to encourage the students to think on their own and realize that they can do more than they have every imagined. I am going to ask students to come up with their own experiments and do a kit of group work. They will also do a big project that involves completing a lesson plan and teaching the class!

If any of you have questions about the class, me, or anything else you are welcome to contact me! You will able to email me or set up an appointment.

I hope this has helped you get an idea of what class will be like and who I am. I can't wait to get to know you and your children over the course of the year!

The School

Riley Elementary School is a well known school in New Castle and has the best interest for every child! The staff at Riley is like a family that cares greatly about each child that comes through. Each staff member wants to see every child succeed and is willing to help them reach their goals. The staff is friendly and welcomes parent involvement!

I know a fear of many guardians is the school structure and if their child will be able to adapt to it. However you shouldn't be worried because Riley Elementary has everything set up for all ages! The school is designed so that no matter what age the child is, they will be able to maneuver through the school easily.

The cafeteria is also a friendly area for all ages! The cafeteria workers are very helpful to each student and try to accommodate to their needs!

The library is full of information! Your child will never run out of things to read. The librarian is also very good at helping students choose books that fit their age and style of book.

The playground is a safe area. There are always at least two teachers outside monitoring the students during recess! The playground is full of fun and safe equipment; the school also provides a variety of playing equipment.

Finally, Principal Martin is a wonderful leader who tries to help each child with whatever they need! She is constantly communicating with the students and seeing how the school and the school activities can be improved! She takes into account different ages and the different things they will enjoy! She is easy to contact and willing to work with parents.

This is a small overview of the whole school. I hope I hit the major points and have helped you to better understand our school structure!