So you want to be a Straight Edge?

A brochure for novices

Food Habits

  • Straight edges follow a vegetarian or a vegan diet
  • A vegetarian does not eat any meat, but does eat other animal products such as eggs or milk
  • Vegans do not eat any meat or any animal products

Do's and Don'ts

  1. DON'T do drugs
  2. DON'T drink alcohol
  3. DON'T use tobacco products
  4. DON'T drink caffeine
  5. DON'T use intoxicants
  6. DON'T be violent
  7. DO respect your body
  8. DO respect animals and nature
  9. DO listen to hardcore music/ be hardcore
  10. DO it yourself (have a DIY attitude)
  11. DO mark your hand with an X at clubs to indicate you do not want to drink

Places to go

  1. Clubs
  2. Parties
  3. Concerts ( punk or hardcore )
  4. Raves
  5. Tattoo shops


In the early 1980's, a group of kids and bands began something that blossomed into a movement. They countercultured the ideas of the punk mentality. They did not believe in the self-hatred, self-destruction,or the pain and suffering that was happening around them. This movement became known as straight edge. Their symbol (X) was originally used to tell bartenders people were too young to drink, and they took it and made it their own. They were influenced by the the band Minor Threat and Teen Idles. In 1985, the band Youth of Today changed the way Straight Edge would sound. This became known as the Youth Crew era. It became more of a set of personal beliefs. They went against the norms of smoking, drinking and drug use.
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