Terror At The Zoo

By: Jacob Stukerjurgen


Author-Peg Kehret


Number of Pages-131


Ellen-She is the protagonist in the story. She never gets along with her little brother Corey. She always thinks she is right and she likes to play with her dog. She loves her family, but she disobeys the rules that her parents tell her.

Tony- He is the antagonist in the story. He used to be in prison but he escaped. He is a very smart person and is smart with what he does but he is a thief. He lives in the zoo because he thinks cops never go in the zoo at night so he sleeps their every night.

Corey- He is the minor character in the story. He is Ellen's little brother. He has a huge imagination his parents think he is going to right stories when he is older. He plays a role in the story by kind of looking out for his older sister and he makes smart decisions that might of saved their lives at the zoo


The story takes place at Ellen's house and at the zoo. It is during modern time. The story mostly takes place at the zoo. It is only at Ellen's house at the beginning of the story and the ed


Ellen v.s Corey- Ellen's little brother Corey always fight with her. Corey always thinks he is right and Ellen always thinks she is right. So in the story they have a hard time making decisions. One decision they argue over is if they should wait for thier mom and dad to get home to go to the zoo or if they should call a taxi and have them take them their and leave a note at home, saying we are at the zoo. In conclusion Ellen and Corey have a hard time getting along.

Ellen v.s Self- In the story Ellen has a hard time making big decisions. She has a lot of hard decisions in the story. Her hard decisions make her stressed out. Half of her brain is telling her to go here and the other half is telling her to go here. In conclusion Ellen has a hard time making decisions.


Ellen and Corey get a birthday present to go to a zoo. They end up going alone because their parents flight back home got delayed. Once they get there they find out their is a person that escaped prison locked in with them for the night. The criminal is in the zoo to try to kidnap a monkey but Ellen uses her skills she was working on in science called animal communication. They use that to find there way back out and become safe.


One theme in the story is learn from your mistakes. Ellen made a huge mistake by going to the zoo by herself and her little brother. At the end of the story her mom and dad had a talk with her about what she did wrong. Hopefully she learned from her mistake and wont ever do it again. In conclusion, their was one big theme that stood out in the story and it was learn from your mistakes


I would recomend this book. It jumped right into the story at the very beginning. If you like books that start out fast then you would like it. It also is a mystery book that is very intense. If you like mysteries then you would like it. In conclusion, this book was a great book that was very intense, if you like mystery books then you would like it.