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Transportation and trade

The Nile was the people's highway.some boats were made of papyrus, also had wooden barges and special boats for funerals.the sailboats-they used sails for going south, and rowed with the current going north.egypt offered gold ,papyrus, linen, high quality stone for building and cattle.

Physical features

The Nile is the worlds longest river it is approximately 4,135miles long.the Nile flows from north to south. The blue and white Nile come together to form the Nile river. Two of the six cataracts are along the Nile river. The elevation of the Nile was higher in the south than the north.

Daily life

The Egyptians had homes built of mud bricks and mortar. They had papyrus for writing, baskets, sandals, rope, and other materials. The fish was most common food source. The upper class hunted for birds in papyrus marshes.the water and food(fish) are two of many sources.


The farming year was divided into three seasons... Inundation,emergence,and harvest.inundation(flood) was gentle and left layers of rich black soil.water was lifted from the Nile into irrigation canals with a shaduf.