When My Sister Was Born

when my mom told me she was pregnant

When My Mom Told Me She Was pregnant.

I and my brothers we sitting in the living room and my mom was up stairs she came down and told us that she was pregnant I was so exited and I was like what is it a boy or girl and she said that she didn't know

Went Out And Bought Baby Stuff.

I was so excited and I didn't know what to do or get the baby cause I didn't know what is was going to be I was thinking to my self is it going to be a boy or is it going to be a girl I didn't know so I just bought some bottles and some cloths

When My Sister Was Born.

I and my dada were waiting for the doctor to tell my dada that he could come in with my mom and he got up and walked with the doctor and my dad turned around and said wait here I will be out in a little bit all I heard was lots of baby screaming and crying and I was wondering to myself if that could be my sister but I know in my head that it wasn't 20 minutes later my dad came out and got me and we went to the room and I got to see my sister.