Looking to Campain?

By Katherine Laws

Do you need information on how to raise money legally in elections? If so... you are at the right place!

First of all, you should become familiar with the Federal Finance Act of 1971.

This act set rules on financing campaigns. It began to make the public have to disclose each candidate's spending and made an attempt to limit the amount that could be donated to a campaign by an individual or group.


This stands for political action committees. It is defined as a political organization that is made up by several different groups, all with the intention of supporting candidates by raising money.

Presidential Election Campaign Fund

This is another resource that will help you legally raise money for your campaign. This is a public fund for presidential campaigns that is supported by donations from citizens.

Soft Money

Soft money is one of the most important aspects of campaigning. It refers to the money that is given to political parties in general, and is not directed at a particular candidate. This can be raised in an unlimited amount by candidates.
Soft Money


You should also be familiar with propaganda. This is a campaign technique used that displays several different tactics, but all sharing the intention of convincing anyone who sees it of a certain opinion.


Know that the Supreme Court ruled that it is a violation of free speech to set a limit on the amount a candidate can spend on their own campaigns.

You should know...

That most campaign money is spent on political advertising.

This is an example of a Campaign Ad.

For America Presidential Campaign Ad - Linda Clarkson