sophia marie suri

about me

I was born in Kennesaw. I have an older brother who is a senior. I plan on playing Division I tennis and earning a Business degree.


I have been playing tennis for 6 years and I played soccer for 6 years before. I play in tennis tournaments outside of school and also play for the varsity team.


I have one older brother, Andreas, who is a senior at KMHS and plays soccer. My dad is Cuban and my mom is mostly German. I have two chihuahuas, Max and Pepe.


I teach tennis lessons and babysit in my neighborhood. My favorite place to vacation is the beach. I also enjoy going to the mountains and the lake. My favorite brands are Steve Madden, Louis Vuitton, and Lululemon.

My Future

After high school, I plan on getting my Masters in Bussiness Management and Leadership and become the head of a major company. I would like to live somewhere in the south or in California. My role models include Caroline Wozniaki (professional tennis player, Blake Lively (actress/model), and Maya Angelou (author). Along with working I would like to become a Playmaker.