How to Fix a Broken Powder!!!!


What If You Could Repair Your Make-up

I know we've all just bought that new powder or palette and drop it and it break into a million pieces. You go through every emotion in an instant, well not anymore. I'm going to share a cool trick to repair your powder, blush, or eye pressed powder makeup. It takes 3 steps and about 5 minutes for the process but you have to wait overnight to get the finished product.
* Broken powder makeup (powder, eyeshadow, or blush)
  • * Rubbing alcohol (the higher the concentration, the better- 70 is great)
  • * Plastic wrap (optional, but keeps your fingers cleaner!)
  • Step 1....

    Gather all of the broken pieces of makeup into its original container, and crush the whole thing up (even the parts that may not have broken).

    Step 2....

    Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact, and let it soak in. Use your finger, the back of a spoon, or anything, really, to rub and smooth down the makeup. I used my finger (which is still stained bright pink after about 10 hand washes!) at first, but I found that I got better results by placing a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the makeup, and then rubbing the plastic wrap to smooth out the makeup. If the mixture is still too dry, then add a little more alcohol, and rub again.

    Step 3....

    Once your makeup is all smooth again, all you have to do is wait, preferably overnight. The alcohol has to dry out, and once it does your makeup will be totally back to normal, and the alcohol smell will be gone!