Mug shot

Picture taken on Feburary 8, 2016 15:35

Crime Committed

Taking excessive amounts of algae and bacteria. Officials are suspecting of Noticed Proteus to be eating them all to itself, not leaving any for anything else.

Organisms M.O.

Noticed Amoeba can be seen moving around with its pseudopod. It stretches out and pulls itself back in, moving in a "swifty" motion.


Be on the Lookout

Keep an eye out!

The Noticed Amoeba is known for changing into a star shape when its startled. Be on the lookout for this as well.

Identifying Marks

It has two tattoos, One on its left side in the shape of a circle with seems to be representing its nucleus. One on the bottom which says.."Yolo" written in cursive black letters.

Where to contact?

You can contact us through social media, email, or phone (Preferably through text). Or go to our office.