Lyssavirus (Rabies), Virus


Rabies is responsible for attacking the central nervous, which later causes brain inflammation, wreckage of tissue, cause seizures, foaming around the mouth, aggression, hallucinations, and muscle spasms.There is 2 different types of rabies there is furious and Paralytic. With the Furious infection there is displays of extreme restlessness and aggression with this type of rabies is the stereotypical type of rabies .With Paralytic an animal can go into seclusion, if it is nocturnal will be awake during the day. The disease is transmitted through a bite or saliva, usually from an infected species to a uninfected species.


Every 10 minutes in Africa and Asia one person dies from the virus of Rabies. Rabies is a virus that affects different types of animals but mostly those in the wild. There is not one specific age for humans to acquire this disease, anyone of any age is capable of obtaining it. Veterinarians and pet owners are the 2 people who are most capable of getting the virus since they are around animals almost everyday. Rabies is most common in the underdeveloped countries in the world like Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Indonesia, and India.


At first you might feel like you have the flu so the symptoms would include ;Fever, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Agitation, Anxiety,Confusion, Hyperactivity, Difficulty swallowing, Excessive salivation, Fear of water, Hallucinations,and Foaming. With this disease it is responsible for losing your consciousnesses so you will not be able to feel pain, the victim would be able to chew their leg off without wincing. Death is capable in 2 ways, the victim being to violent and having to be put down or since the virus will eventually kill you, or making you brain dead. In humans it is most common to have: incubation, prodrome, acute neurologic period, coma, and death


The Virus is found all over the world but mainly in Africa, Indonesia, India, Asia, Central and South America. You are also able to obtain the virus with an infected species comes in contact with you and biting you.


The ultimate way to avoid the rabies virus is to stay away from wild animals and not coming in contact with them. There is vaccinations that are available, that will prevent you from getting the virus and symptoms if coming in contact. If someone has acquired the disease then there are antivirals that are taken to help kill the infection, but there still is no assurance of not death.