summary for my book

H.A. Rey wanted to make his books for kids and keep them happy. But some of them have more of a serious mood. So he decided to make half and half. Then he went along with the idea and everyone loved his books.

H.A. Rey wanted no rhyme schemes,figurative language,or repeated words.But he did have good sentence structure.So he kept it that way so he had a consistent pattern.Then he continued to write like that and it all turned out good.

Summary for my author

H.A. Rey wanted to write about monkeys.But he was stuck selling tubs in Germany.So he moved to america,Then he finally got to pursue his dream and write about monkeys.
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central idea

In 1939, in Hamburg, Germany, H.A. Rey wrote the first Curious George book because he grew up by a famous zoo keeper who inspired him to write about a monkey.