Final Exam Schedule

Mrs. Zaremba

General Information

Final exams will be given over a four day period at the end of the year, with two finals per day. Students will report to homeroom as usual on final exam days. The first final will begin at 8:00 AM and end at 10:00 AM. Students will then return to homeroom from 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM. The second final exam of the day will begin at 10:30 AM and end at 12:30 PM.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Textbooks for each class will be collected on the day of the final for that class.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the building between tests and then return.
  • If a student does not have an 8:00 AM final they may come in at 10:30 AM for the second final.
  • If a student does not have a 10:30 AM final the student may leave school at 10:30 AM.
  • Students must have parental permission to leave school after finishing their second final.
  • Teachers will be present for the full day for students to meet with for additional help (From 1:00 PM - 2:25 PM).

"Being successful in exams and tests is a simple two step process – believe in yourself and back it up with plain old hard work. Good luck."

Permission To Leave School

Students who do not return a permission slip will remain in school until 2:25 PM on final exam days. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This permission slip must be returned to the High School office no later than Tuesday May 17, 2016.