Descriptive writing

Descriptive paragraph U.F.C Octagon

As I was walking to the U.F.C octagon I saw crazed fans jumping for joy of the fact that I was in a title match I heard the loud entrance music it was so loud my ears started to ring like a bell.Here are my details:the floor was so cold my toes started to freeze when I got in the octagon I smelled the food that the crowd was eating and I smelled the sweat from the previous fighters and saw the blood from the previous matches it was amazing of the thought of winning a U.F.C title as I got to the octagon the doctor put vaseline on my face to protect me from losing too much blood then I started to taste the sweat and vaseline on my face it was very gross and made me want to vomit but I held it in knowing this was a big night for the other fighter walked to the octagon I heard my coaches telling me the game plan it was try to keep it standing your good at it if he gos for a double leg take down get him in a geateen it was a simple plan I knew I had it I knew I would win when the refforee dinged the bell it was all out war after the first round me and the other fighter were covered in blood and when I tasted and smelled it it just tasted like mettalic and rotton and smelled mettalic and rotton. after the 2nd round started there punches landing kicks thrown the sounds I heard were pow bam wack just before the 2nd round was over I finished the fight by knockout and yes I won the U.F.C title!

Abstract noun poems

Courage is lime green.

It tastes like fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

It smells like apple pie.

And reminds me of the hummingbird.

Courage makes me feel like partying

Anger is blood red.

It tastes like burnt toast.

It smells like smoke.

And reminds me of rotten corpses.

It sounds like the screams of horror.

Anger makes me feel like bursting into flames.