2nd Grade News from Room 219

January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope the holiday break was filled with joy & laughter for you and your family. We certainly had a great, busy time here those last December school days. Stores & partying in our pajamas were both "big successes". Thanks to all of the parents who helped out!!! A special thanks to the Vought family for organizing the party.

Working on...

This week we learned about dialogue. We learned to put quotation marks around the words people (or characters) speak. The kids will be writing dialogue for the photos above. I can't wait to see what they come up with. I thought these pics were just too cute not to share!

We also wrapped up our introduction to multiplication and division. Your child is bringing home a "Cootie Catcher". Have fun playing!

We will take our Winter FAST (standardized) tests on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Please try to have your child in school if at all possible.


RAH is one of my favorite stories - Big Bushy Mustache. Your child has a special "accessory" to wear while reading & one for you, too. Please snap a photo of you reading together and send it. I'll print them out for our door. (You can send it via Class Messenger, this Smore newsletter or email - lweseman@isd465.org) RAH is due Thursday. (1/14)

Speak Up is about a holiday gift. We will return to our normal days. :)

Math - Fact review sheets. PLEASE TIME your child and write how long it took for him/her to complete each page. Circle any errors. THANKS. I'm also re-sending info for Xtramath to those who haven't connected. This is free if you have a computer. There is a small charge for app devices. I can't stress enough just how beneficial it is for your child to master their math facts!