Buckaroo Blooms

Breckenridge High School's Student Run Floral Shop

1. Is Floral Design an Ag Class?

YES! Floral Design does fall under the umbrella of AFNR therefore it IS an Ag Class and DOES have the same FFA & Supervised Agriculture Experience requirements.

2. Are there any certifications offered?

YES! We offer certification through the Texas State Floral Association.

3. Why should I take Floral Design?

Well not only is this a fun hands on course but you will learn real world skills while earning your high school ART CREDIT.

4. Will I have to work in the greenhouse?

YES! You will GET to work in the greenhouse this spring and learn the business behind operating a successful nursery and plant sale!

Floral Inspiration: Chic Summer Vase


Floral Inspiration: Autumn Arrangements for Farm Bureau

Sunflowers and Apples Thanksgiving Centerpiece