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March 20, 2021

Welcome Packet & Family Compact (page 5)

Please view the welcome packet and review page 5, the Family Compact, which must be signed.

Parents may sign the Family Compact electronically:

Please click here to sign the Family Compact (page 5 of the Welcome Packet) here.

In Person Learning & Welcome Packet in Other Languages

In Person Learning & Welcome Packet is available here in other languages .

Is your child in the yearbook?

Don't delay! Submit pictures of your Pershing students for specific themed pages of the yearbook by filling out this form! Click this button to learn more!

Don't miss out on this unique and unusual yearbook this year! It will be a one of a kind!

Yearbooks are still available on sale for only $25 each and available ONLY online this year. Visit soon! Deadline is March 31st! Be sure to enter the code correctly:

Pershing's school code is: 13201221

Help us by submitting your child's picture for 2 to 3 of the following fun theme pages!

Fill out this form and upload your child's picture here:

Go to this Google Form to upload your child's picture today!

Please only submit 2 to 3 per child total. All pictures must be uploaded soon in order to have them in the yearbook.

Is your child reading enough? Check out a library book!

Click this button to be redirected to learn how to check-out library books from Pershing for your child!

Connect w/ Pershing Parents! Become a PTO member today!

Memberships are only $10 per Family this year! Join today!