Classroom Communication!

Ms.Galina's 7th Grade Class!

Dear parents,
This newsletter is going to tell you about how I will communicate with you and your children this school year. I will be using four communication tools to ensure that all of my students are informed about their academic requirements such as homework, upcoming tests, class field trips, and other important information. I will be using the following communication tools:
1. I will write all homework assignments and class updates in the right corner of the whiteboard in my classroom before 8am everyday. Students will be able to see all assignments and updates as soon as they walk through the classroom door every morning.
2. I will be emailing students and parents a newsletter every two weeks that will have information about upcoming class field trips, what we are learning in class, and any class updates or other important information.
3. I will also be using Remind101. Remind101 is a free communication platform built for teachers to communicate with students. Remind messages are sent to cell phones but are not sent from a real cell phone number. Teachers have no way of knowing the students and parents phone numbers and students and parents have no way of knowing the teachers number; this makes Remind a very safe texting app to use. I will use Remind to send out daily text messages about homework that is due, grades, upcoming tests and quizzes, and other classroom reminders.
4. I will also be sending out weekly emails with all the important information that you and the students need to know.
I chose these four tools because I think that they are very convenient and easy to use and will help make it easier for students and parents to keep track of homework, grades, and upcoming classroom events. I am hoping that by using these four communication tools we will have a very successful academic year.