Hiram Revels

Thalia Armendariz

Quote from Hiram Revels

"I find that the prejudice in this country to color is very great, and i sometimes fear that it is increase.... if the nation should take a step for the encouragement of this prejudice against the colored race, can they have any grounds upon which to predicate a hope that heaven will smile upon them and prosper them?"

-Hiram Revels

Information about Hiram Revels

  • He was born on September 27,1827.
  • Death date January 16,1901.
  • Political Views, Hiram Revels is against slavery.
  • Religion, African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Hometown, North Caroline

6 Significant Reflections

  1. Against Slavery
  2. End racial segregation and the unequal treatment of African Americans
  3. He wanted to teach African Americans about god
  4. He was the first black Senator
  5. He was born a free man
  6. Was a preacher and religious teacher throughout the Midwest

Fayetteville, North Carolina

I put this picture because this in where he was born.

Personal information about Hiram Revels

  • Some interest religion, hobbies cutting hair\teaching religion
  • He career was a politician, barber, minister, and collage president
  • He was the first person of color to serve in the Untied States senate, and in the U.S congress over all
  • HRRevels@yahoo.com\ussenate\Mississippi
  • His current address is 123 Natchez, Mississippi