Mrs. Gerlach's 3rd Grade News

Weekly Updates

Dear Families,

Thank you for attending Back to School Night! I enjoyed meeting all of you. During the first full week of school, the students and I worked together as a team to establish classroom routines and responsibilities. Reading, math, and spelling pretests were taken.

The 3rd graders went to Spanish class for the first time! Mindfulness activities were practiced. The first full week of school was exciting.

Learning Targets

In reading, the 3rd graders will focus on reading identities. Each student will learn about different genres (mystery, adventure, historical fiction, nonfiction ect.) and explain why he/she likes a particular genre.

READING LOG HOMEWORK: The 3rd graders should be reading 30 minutes nightly. Please have your child record how many minutes they read throughout the week. (Monday - Thursday) Also, he/she will complete the short writing assignment located on the Weekly Reading Log. Your child can complete either the Fiction or Nonfiction assignment. (Nonfiction is on the back of the reading log.) READING LOGS ARE DUE FRIDAY or MONDAY!

In spelling, the students will begin Unit 1: Closed Syllables. A closed syllable may have Complex Ends (ending blends, such as ft, mp, lf) and /or Complex Fronts (beginning blends, such as pr, st, wr.) The kids brought home the spelling newsletter which contains their spelling list and the homework. The words were also written in their daily planner.

Each spelling list is individual.

First, the students take a pretest.

Next, they copy the incorrect words correctly onto their weekly spelling list.

Lastly, students are able to choose other words to add to the list.

There are a total of 5-10 spelling words. Each child has a differentiated spelling list.

This week some kids choose different types of genre words. (The words go along with the reading content.)

SPELLING HOMEWORK due on Friday: Each day there is a small assignment to complete. The homework is listed on the spelling newsletter. Tuesday homework is on the back of the spelling newsletter.


In writing, the students will be working on describing a special place. They will also work on writing a paragraph with a topic sentence and details.

In math, the students will work on elapsed time. They will work on solving problems, such as, "How long is your school day?" They will figure out different strategies to solve the same problem.

MATH HOMEWORK will be due on Monday! It will begin tomorrow! The kids will be bringing home HOME LINKS or other activities based on his or her level.

In social studies, the third graders will complete a Michigan map activity. They will compare geographical features. They will become familiar with the Great Lakes. (HOMES) This acronym is useful to help the kids recall the lake names.

Classroom Reminders:

Classroom Field Trip: The Lion King Jr. by Pierce Middle School Students

Please remember to send in the permission slip with your child.

Please send $3 cash or a check made out to cash. Permission slips are due on Friday, September 23rd.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS due on Friday! Please write a check made out to Scholastic or you can order online using our classroom code: LBHGH

Thank you for your support,

Kim Gerlach