Google Classroom Updates

New updates since May 2016

June 2016

  • Teachers can now invite co-teachers to join their classes.
  • Teachers can mute students
  • Teachers can now create or schedule assignments or questions without a due date.

July 2016

Teachers can now:

  • Create assignments or questions without a due date on the Mobile App
  • Mute students directly from the student's comment. (You can set permissions and manage what the student can comment on or post)

August 2016

Teachers can now:

  • Invite parents or guardians to sign up for email summaries to keep up with their students. Summaries include a student's missing work or upcoming work as well as new announcements and questions posted by teachers in the class stream.
  • Add topics and organize the class stream. Teachers and students can filter the stream by topic.
  • Preview materials attached to assignments or posts.
  • Add a subject when creating a class.
  • View updates, etc. via Inbox by Gmail.

Google Classroom Mobile App Updates

Teachers can now:

  • Annotate documents and PDFs! Draw on, highlight, and write notes on documents and PDFs in the Google Classroom App. So can students!
  • Poll students using the multiple-choice questions and allow students to see a summary of their classmates' answers on the app.
  • Post to multiple classes on the mobile app.

Updates with Websites that connect with Google Classroom


There is now a one-click sync with Google Classroom and Kaizena!

  • You can now set up a Kaizena group for each of your Google Classrooms.
  • Import all of your students.
  • Automatically add student work submitted to classroom into Kaizena.


You can connect Wizer to your Google Classroom! Create an Wizer worksheet and sent it straight to Google Classroom!


cK-12 has a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and simulations you can send directly to your Google Classroom.

Open Ed

Open Ed is a K-12 resource library. You can now assign assessments directly to Google Classroom.

Discovery Education

You can now send videos and lessons from Discovery Education to your Google Classroom. Let me know if you need your login or login instructions for your students.

Tips for using Google Classroom