LMS Room 106

Reading Classroom for grades 6,7,and 8

Week in Review 1/19 - 1/23 *6th Grade*

Third quarter!!!! Wow, what a fast-paced year it is!

We took our sequencing to a graphic organizer plot diagram this week. We read a story about a creepy prisoner escape and then practiced diagramming it.

Week in Review 1/19-1/23 *7th Grade*

WELCOME 7TH GRADERS AND THEIR FAMILIES! It was great to reconnect with last year's 6th graders and meet some new-to-me students. I've entrusted the care of the newbies to the alumni of Room 106. I know they'll do a great job outlining the policies and procedures of my classroom.

We are working on goals for the quarter. Periodically we'll check in and see how much progress is being made. Parents, ask your child about the goals they set and why those goals are reasonable. Some of my kids are really pushing themselves to better readers and/or students. :) I'm proud of their motivation and drive.

On the bottom of this webpage I have explained how to get on the Remind site if you would like homework reminders on your phone or computer. Each student also has a sheet that outlines the important codes needed. The app is free and many families find it helpful.

Phone App

In the reading my WIN group is doing, we read an article about a parenting app that sounds interesting to me. To be honest, my students weren't crazy about it. The app allows parents to lock a child's phone. The mom who developed it was frustrated when her children would not answer her phone calls or texts so she set out to solve the problem. The result is the Ignore No More app. Now she can lock the child's phone until they call her back and get the release code. At all times the child can still call 911. If you search for it on the Internet, you'll find the website that has newscast clips and the sign-up page. If you have the same frustration with kids and your phones, you might want to look at the site. The app costs $1.99 according to the newscast. I, personally, don't have it because my own children are adults, so I'll leave it up to you to decide its value.

Author Study - S.E. Hinton by Payton Lolwing

S.E. Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her first novel, The Outsiders, was published in 1967. S. E. Hinton got married in 1970 and published That Was Then, This Is Now in 1971. In 1975 S. E. Hinton published Rumblefish. Many people thought this would be her last novel. But she went on and published Tex in 1979. Major events took place in S. E. Hinton's life after Tex. In 1983 The Outsiders and Rumblefish were made into movies. In 1984 her son Nicholas was born. In 1985 S. E. Hinton published Taming the Star Runner and That Was Then, This Is Now were made into movies. S. E. Hinton is still publishing books today. But instead of books for teens they are books for elementary school kids. She lives with her husband David in Tulsa and her son Nick is off at college.

Mark Your Calendars

Jan. 29 - CASH ski trip permission forms due
Jan. 30 - 7th gr. journals due - We will write the first one in class.
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Featured Reader - Taylor Clements!!!!

John Green is the author of Fault in Our Stars. I liked this book because he does a really good job of making me laugh and cry and making it so I wouldn't know what's coming next. It's funny and it's sad. My favorite reading experience is when Hazel Grace Lancaster is strong and brave and she fights for her life when she has leukemia.

I get my books from the public library because the public library has a lot of books. They have toddler books, kid books, teen books, young adult books and adult books. They have movies and WII and X-Box games.

Sometimes reading would be difficult because maybe you can't figure the words out correctly or it's a work you can't pronounce.The most important thing about reading is your expression and fluency and sounding out a word correctly and trying your hardest to figure out the words and then it all pays off. I learned that by reading.

Communication Avenues

Phone - 723-6425 ext. 240, there is a voice mail option
E-mail - zabell@lancastersd.k12.wi.us


There are many resources to be used for success at LMS.

If you need a calendar of today's homework, try the Remind site or the school's website.

If you would like to see books,the LMS library catalog is on the school's website under the student tab. The Schreiner Memorial Library (Lancaster's public library) has a website that gives lots of information on their collection, the Southwest Wisconsin Library System collection, the library hours & events and a link to Overdrive for the online collection.


If you need to contact a LMS staff member, look in the staff directory of the school's website.



As part of my attempt to use more technology and to add another way to give an opportunity for student success, I have joined other staff members in using the website Remind. It will give you the homework for the day on your phone or computer. Each student was given a handout with the ways to log on to my page of the Remind website.

Option #1 - Download the Remind app. (it's free) Enter class code @2f5bb for 7th grade students. Enter @02507 for 6th grade students.

Option #2 - Use this link: www.remind.com

Option #2 - phone number 510-292-4948 then the 7th grade class code is @2f5bb and the 6th grade code is @02507

I would appreciate feedback on your use with the Remind site.

Read Alouds

6th Grade = Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen

7th Grade = Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen