Welcome to Freshman Year!!!

Introduction to English Class

About me and 9th grade

Hi, my name is Jake Welther. By the time you read this I will be a sophomore. I wanted to tell you that ninth grade is no picnic. You need to pay attention and work hard to get through it. In English class, you will have a blast. Mrs. Allen is not like other English teachers. She lets you have fun and read books you want to read. It was hands down one of my favorite classes. I hope it is yours too.

The Course Content

English class has a lot of content throughout the year.

One of the things you get to do is read The Hunger Games. You get to be put into "districts" with other people. You get to play a quiz game to study. You even get to watch the movie afterwards.

Another thing yo do is read Romeo and Juliet. You get to watch the movie as you follow along. You get to play Kahoot to study. You even learn to talk like how they do in the book.

You also get to read The Odyssey. You get to learn about mythical creatures. You also learn about gods. You even get to watch movie clips.

You even get to read a fantastic book called Monster. You have to do a study guide about the story. You do however get to read about life on trial for MURDER!!! You also get to hear some real stories about kids being tried as an adult.

Independent Reading

You get to read a few books of your choice. It is a very important part of your grade. You have to read the book if you want to pass. Mrs. Allen encourages this because she loves to get people to read. Reading is fun if you can read something that interests you.
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My favorite part of English class

My favorite thing we did was reading The Hunger Games. It is a fantastic book that is a lot of fun to read. You even get to watch the movie after reading it!!!!!

My least favorite part of English Class

I personally did not like the Rhetoric part of the course. It was not fun and somewhat complicated.

My Advice

To be successful in English, you need to read all of the material. You need to listen to all directions. You also need to complete all of your projects. Be sure to put in your share of work in group projects. Also remember to study for the tests.

Top 5 List

1. Talk about your personal experiences.

2. Have fun during free time.

3. Keep binder organized.

4. Follow all directions.

5. Read all materials.


"Lift up your voice" Put yourself out there in English class.