Spray Foam Insulation

By: Serene Holland


Spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional building insulation such as fiberglass.

Different Alternatives

  1. Sheep Wool-In recent years, scientist have taken the insulating properties of sheep's wool and applied them to home construction. A 24 inch roll of R-13 wool insulation cost around $60.
  2. Cotton- It is the scrap cotton denim that is left over when designers make a lot of jeans.Cotton insulation is very similar to fiberglass. It can be rolled into batts.
  3. Rigid Polystyrene- Even though it is a form of plastic, it is a great insulator with R-values that range from R-3.8 to R-4.4 per inch of thickness so it is considered green because is helps save so much energy.

Pictures of each!

How Will It Affect the Enviroment?

Sheep Wool-If you insulate your home with wool, you do not need to adjust your heating and cooling systems as often as you would with other materials. This will also save you money.

Cotton-Cotton is a natural and a renewable resource, which makes it one of the greenest insulation products on the planet.

Rigid Polystyrene- Even though rigid polystyrene is a type of plastic, it is a fabulous insulator and is considered green because it saves so much energy.

How can I use this in my house?

My family is going to use cotton insulation because spray foam insulation is too expensive and the cotton keeps the warm and cool air in better.