Never Give Up

By Colton Logan

The Giraffes vs. the Bulls in the third game of the NBA finales. The Giraffes haven't won yet so if they lose the Bulls win the whole series. This series is to see who is the best in the NBA. In order for the giraffes to win the series they have to win four games in a row. They are now beginning the 4th game out of 7 in the series.

The giraffes are down by 10 points in the first half. Almost everyone wanted to give up on the Giraffes. But the biggest giraffe ever never gave up and started to motivate the team to win. Now everyone on the giraffes wanted to win. The giraffes ended up winning that game. They also never stopped giving up and ended up winning all 4 games in a row against the Bulls. That is why you never give up.

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