September Week # 4

9/26 to 9/30

Class Discussion


(5 - 10 minutes)

1.) Do you read about RESPECT in the news? If so, can you provide an example?

2.) How can you show respect in the classroom? The community? On a team?

3.) What would be considered a 'respectful' behavior?

4.) What would be considered a 'respectful' behavior?

Week # 4 Assignment


(15 - 20 minutes)

1.) Students will go to the website,

2.) Students will conduct internet research to find ONE article on 'respect'

Once the student find the article:

1.) Students will open up a word document

2.) Student will provide a ONE page summary on the article

3.) Students must provide their name, date, title of artcle and link to the article

4.) Students must turn in this assignment to their instructor

How to provide the link to the article:

1.) Copy the web link (right click, 'copy')

2.) Paste the web link into the word document (right click, 'paste')

Closing Comment!

"If you expect RESPECT, then be the FIRST to show it"