Welcome to Malaynaville!

Alycea Martin and Alayna Ruggiero

The Malaynaville Flag

Welcome to Malaynaville

The country of Malaynaville is a medium sized country that has mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, rainforests, and forests. The population in Malaynaville is 10 million people. Our primary language is English, but before you graduate you have to know at least two languages. The languages you can learn to speak are Arabic, Spanish, and German. Everyone is required to have school up to the age of 17. At the age of 18, boys must join the military for one year (if girls want to, they can and if boys wanna stay longer they can). If you were in the military, you receive free college education. Everyone in the country gets free health care. The retirement age for everyone is 55 years old. Everyone has to pay 30% of taxes, that's why health care is free.
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Six Freedoms

The freedoms people have are Freedom of Speech, homosexual rights, worship/religious rights, race rights, vote in elections (right to vote), and express themselves in a positive way

Four things that are illegal

Four things that are illegal are Drugs, vandalism, smoking (cigarettes, weed, cigars, pipe, marijuana, etc), and bullying (sexual abuse/rape, cyberbullying, judging others race, etc)

Type of goverment

The government we use in Malaynaville is Monarchy and Theocracy because if the king/leader dies, their son can quickly take their place. And the reason why we chose Theocracy is because everybody should have their own right to their religion. Why didn't we choose the other ones? Because we felt like the other ones were too much for our country.

Type of System

The system Malaynaville uses is Parliamentary System because we feel like our citizens shouldn't be able to vote FOR THEIR ACTUAL LEADER, only who they think would make a difference, THEN the people in the group that the citizens chose (political party) should choose out of the group who gets to be the leader

Type of Economy

The economy Malaynaville uses is Capitalism because it gets better money and in return we get goods that we don't have in our country. We didn't choose communism because we don't like judging others by jobs and work, we didn't use socialism because we don't wanna make friends with other countries and BUY stuff from them, we just rather exchange.

Fun things to do in Malaynaville

There's a ton of fun things to do in Malaynaville. Examples are swimming, kayaking, surfing (going to the beach), fishing, sports activities (we have fields to play sports), waterparks, playgrounds, hiking, etc.