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Creativity: Project Based Learning

Monster Masterchef: Gothic literature through cupcakes!

I love this. An English teacher who approached their Year 8 Gothic unit through the medium of cupcakes (a language we all understand!). Take a look at the photos of the students' write-ups: they're brilliantly articulate and demonstrate a great level of understanding.

Read all about it: http://littlemisslud.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/monster-masterchef/

Yr8 Creative Projects

This is, to steal a word, awesome.

It isn't 'English', as such, but it's really interesting. The school has a project unit on Year 7 and 8 timetables and uses it kind of like a "Learn to learn" scheme to develop independent learning/creativity etc. What I like is how it's giving kids the confidence and language to explore identity and concepts, and how it does this within an approach that's rigorous, purposeful and developmental. Enjoy.


Book cover generator

I'm not sure how I might use this, but I love how it creates mysterious pulp-fiction cover artwork and how you can adjust and change things. If I teach H. G. Wells again I might use it then. I think the example I've put here looks particularly intriguing.


Trajan's Column

This excites me as a way to get kids creatively representing a novel/ play/ test. Perhaps when they come back to revisit the novel for the second time in GCSE?

The picture doesn't do this justice. Please read the blog entry.