digital citizenship project

Lexi N. p.2

rule #1: digital ettiquette

be kind to others online: don't post anything that you wouldn't want you parents or teachers to see

rule #2 information privacy

don't give out your personal info to others online: check a websites terms of service to see what they will do with the info you give them

rule #3 social networking

stay calm: if somebody sends you a mean message don't react just ignore and report them if possible.

rule #4 online safety

stay on-ominous: don' give out any personal info to other players on the website

rule #5 cyberbullying

tell an adult: if someone is sending you mean messages tell an adult you trust

rule #6 pladgerisum

give credit: when using someones ideas or words, give them credit and don't steal the information.

rule #7 copyright

don't steal anybody's ideas: make sure you have the owners permission before using their ideas or pictures

digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is sort of like a digital etiquette. Just like in real life you have to have manners. Online you have to be kind to each other and not steal things from others. it is necessary to show positive digital citizenship because if you aren't kind to others then people are not going to be kind to you and might even report you. If you steal somebody's idea or photo (a.k.a. plagiarism) you could get a bad grade, suspended, or even expelled or fired. When online you must keep your identity a secret and never give out any personal information. You also shouldn't ask others for their personal information.