Georgia's History

A long way for the Indians.....

William McIntosh

William McIntosh was the Creek chief.He was a leader of the Lower Towns, the Creek who were adapting European-American ways and tools. United States paid him 200,000 to cede the last of the Creek land to the federal goverment. McIntosh sold the last of his people land when he signed the Treaty of Indian Springs. As a rusult he was executed by the angry Creek for doing this.

Worcester v. Georgia

Many fights took place over Native American land- some were actual wars (such as the wars fought with the Creek Like the Oconee War), and some were legal battles. A man named Samuel Worcester went to the US Supreme Court with a case called Worcester v. Georgia. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that Native American land had to obey US law- but not state law. Andrew Jackson refused to honor the Supreme Court's decision.

Brenda Flores & Erin Griggs