Deep And Dark And Dangerous

By Mary Downing Hahn


Before summer started Ali finds a photograph with her mom and aunt as children. She notices that there is another kid there but the photo of her was torn off. She is determined to find out who she is. When she asks her mom here mom denies everything. But then she goes on summer vacation with her aunt and cousin.

Then they meet Sissy, a mean troubled little girl. Sissy wants to ruin Ali's summer. Ali then realizes that Sissy has a secret. Ali thinks it's about the photo. She is dying to know what it is but alot of strange events happen in btween it.

Deep, Dark, And Dangerous


I recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery books and also horror books. This book represents both of those angles of generes. Do not read this book if you don't like reading or horror/mystery books.


My opinion on this book was that it keeped me turning the pg each pg I read. This book was an amazing book and I would read this book again.