Become A Better Student!

Just a few steps to better yourself.

Step 1: Don't be naive!

Most students are too laid back and will often complain about their University saying how simple it is. They end up later on paying fees to retake their exams!

Step 2: Attendance.

Be there in classes, there will be terms you won't understand and they will be explained in class. You won't think about looking up every term you don't know if you're studying for the first time and you've never been to class.

Step 3: Ask Questions!

Step 4: Cooperate with your classmates!

There will be some who will deem this attitude as trying to act better than others, but those students are just insecure about their own knowledge!

Final Step: Give yourself a pat on the back.

Because being laid back, tardy, insecure and isolated are flaws no student needs.