Panther Update


Leopard is on Patrol this week

For early release, we will catch you up on the 1:20 - 1:30 meeting. Please go to your supervision spots on Tuesday 1/12. Thank you.

January - National School Board Month - be in the know

Cookies from PSM Staff are being sent to Monday's board meeting.

MAP is nearing its Winter Conclusion...

...thank you to Tina, Janice and the sixth grade team. Data will be put to good use soon. We cannot wait to see the growth!

Leadership Items for Wednesday

  • Winter Data
  • KAP Preparation and Training
  • PSAT results coming
  • PSM Facilities Communicaiton
  • D/F Report Usage / Proactive Communication
  • Spread the Word to End the Word

    Seven Days

    Café Conversations

    Shout Out: Bees and Coding

  • Geography Bee Buzz

    Congratulations to PSM Champion (again:)):

    Avi Misra

    Runners Up were:

    Mike Klausen & Maddie Rimmer

    Thank you to Lisa and the Media Center team for their efforts to provide world class opportunities to our students at PSM. The Geography Bee does not occur in every school ... our kids are spoiled by you.


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    Summer Facility Requests Due ASAP

    Need for:

    • camps,
    • clinics,

    • or tutoring

    Please email Margo / Kelsa with requests as soon as possible. Thank you!

    Sixth Grade At a Glance

    Important Dates and Reminders

    • TCB is held Monday, Tuesday (except Early Release Days), Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 in the 6th grade computer lab. There is a late bus that will bring the students home on Wednesdays.

    • Early Release Day on Tuesday, January 12th

    Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:



    • Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Fractions


    • Begin Decimal Operations Book

    • Estimating Fractions

    • Finding Unit Prices


    • Continue with Text Structures

    • Main Idea

    • Summarizing

    • Roots and Stems Quiz #8 on Friday, January 15th


    • Rock Cycle

    Social Studies

    • Finish up Asoka DBQ

    • Mock Debate

    • Begin 5 Major World Religions Unit

    6th Grade Guided Study for Week of 1/11-1/15:

    • CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

    • Grade checks continue along with checks for missing work

    • Math Lesson: Fraction Practice

    • Grade Level Meeting with Mr. Sigg and Mrs. Sperry

    Seventh Grade At a Glance

    1/11/15 Weekly Update for 7th Grade:

    (Topics, AFLs, A:OLs)

    Social Studies:

    We will begin a Unit on Mexico and Central America. This Unit will include: geography, history and life today. There will be an AOL at the end of our study in about 10 days.


    Topics: Reading Nonfiction Text in Reading; Finish presenting Vocabulary Projects in ELA


    Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

    Topic - We will be completing Investigation 2 of Comparing and Scaling with ACE problems and reflection. Our first partner AOL will begin on Wednesday and continue on Thursday, January 13-14. At the end of the week we will begin work on Commission, Mark-ups, and Discounts. Target Zero Q3-1 is due on Monday FOR ALL CLASSES.

    Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

    Topic - AOL over Stretching and Shrinking Investigations 1 and 2 on Monday. Focus on similar figures and scale factor. Continue with investigation 4 on Tuesday.


    Students have an AOL on January 22 about cell structures and functions. We are working on Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis this week, along with related labs.

    Guided Study 7th Grade:

    Students will be creating a vision board for the upcoming calendar year in the form of a collage of pictures, images and quotes describing life goals and dreams. Vision boards could contain images regarding career, friends, relationships, etc.

    Eighth Grade At a Glance

    01/11/16 Weekly Update for 8th Grade:

    (Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

    Social Studies:

    Chpt. 27 and Chpt. 28 - Continue discussing postwar tensions, Republican Era, culture of the twenties, and begin to talk about the clash between traditionalism and modernism.


    Continue career research projects. Continue Human Spirit readings and thematic activities. Vocabulary AFL (first part of week), and Vocab AOL on Thursday.


    Integrated Algebra 8th Grade - Target Zero -due Monday. Continue work with symmetry, transformations, and congruency.

    Wade’s 2nd hr Math -Target Zero -due Monday. Continue work with linear functions.

    Algebra I - Target Zero -due Monday. Continue work with simplifying expressions.
    Tentative: AOL (simplifying expressions) - Friday, Jan.15.


    Science classes have transitioned into Chemistry. We are learning about parts of the atom and atomic theory this week.

    Guided Study 8th Grade:

    Students will be guided through creating a Personal Mission Statement for themselves. The focus here is to create self-awareness about living and working with intent and purpose.

    Goal I Work: Student Goal Setting

    As a reminder, PLC student goal reflection plans should be rolling out over the next ten school days. We thank you for your guidance and input into our classwide conversations occurring on January 12th. In June, August and the Fall, we heard goals being set in the following places:

    1.) Naviance with counselors (every student)

    These goals allowed students to pull ideas / coaching from Heath/Stacey as well as teachers in GS, Math and ELA. We strongly encouraged at least one academic and one Goal II / personal goal. Key to this was an action plan. Thus: "I want all A's" was discouraged without concrete steps to complete. If you use Naviance to reflect with, a focus on the measurable plan (if already created), or the creation of a plan are strongly encouraged.

    2.) Math / Reading teachers set math goals in their classrooms (most did this)

    These goals allowed tangible growth in a variety of measures improved Math / ELA MAP scores, consistent AFL to AOL growth in line with strong AFL writing and feedback/coaching, homework completion et cetera.

    3.) Guided Studies goals were set allowing deep discussion and done in a variety of ways

    Please use one, more than one or all of these as tangible approaches to coach kids to reflect on measurement, reflect on fidelity to their plan and any need for change or consistent growth. We will support in our class talks in January and February. See us with any suggestions, questions or ideas!

    Goal I Work: Three Tiered Lessons Shared 03/01/16 in PLC

    PLC Content Areas will present a three tiered lesson in late February during a Tuesday PLC.

    This PLC will be attended by Tara Mahoney and possibly other BV supports.

    Use the information and skills you acquired around new NWEA reports and the lesson you chose to 'three tier' in your instruction and as an exemplar that will be presented in February to strengthen our practice across PSM.

    Instructional support has come from district and building as well as time to collaborate with your grade/content partners to refine targeted lessons in the form of:

    • data driven instruction based in MAP tiered targets and performance ranges (NWEA)
    • time to develop and implement at least one ideal / best practice AFL reaping very good data about individual and small groups of learners linked directly to AOLs
    • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday time to review this data and write effective plans and assessments to guide instruction

    Tara Mahoney joined our PLCs again in December with an offer of support, great information and time to collaborate on a well oiled three tiered lesson.

    NWEA access and ability to 'mine' data at a standard level opened up the ability to craft tiered lessons (truly differentiate) around student need. Whether using Stiggins, Marzano, Kagan, Chappuis or commons sense - this is good instruction.

    Goal I Work: Quality Assessment Options that incorporate SAMR

    1. Zaption

    • Free account available
    • Add 6 interactive elements to video assess / emphasize
    • Capacity for 20 active lessons sharable by URL
    • click here .

    2. EdPuzzle

    • Upload / locate online video

    • Add assessment and feedback options that are sharable with students

    • Lots of options for Feedback

    • Results directly to teacher

    • Click to view additional information.

    SAMR Access: Google Options (Student and Staff)

    1. Doctopus:

    • Teachers manage, organize and assess student work and projects in Google Drive.
    • "Hand out” Google Drive files to students using a starter template.
    • Full teacher control over students’ work
    • Control student editing rights and revisions

    2. Doctopus + Goobric:

    • Utilize Doctopus with Goobric, via Chrome extension.
    • Utilize a rubric to automatically score student work.

    3. Flubaroo:

    • Assess multiple choice and fill in the blank assignments.

    4. Kaizena:

    • Add voice comments to students documents in Google Docs.

    4. gMath Add On for Google Docs:

    • Add math formulas and graphs inside of Google Docs.

    5. Save As Doc :

    • In Google Sheets, highlight a cell and the add-on converts the information to a Google Doc

    Tryouts are in the Books

    Thank you to Jeff Wataha, Amy Stangl, Lynne Friedrichsen and Joe Berthelsen for your dedication to the whole Panther and the best roundball sport around. Your early morning and late afternoon tryouts/practices, careful evaluation and delicate conversation and coaching mean the world to our students and families. THANK YOU

    TCB Rosters being communicated to parents

    Sixth Grade

    Monday- Nixon Back up: Pope

    Tuesday- Cloud Back up: Tate

    Wednesday: Tate Back up: Feuerborn

    Thursday: Gerstner Back up: Feuerborn

    Seventh Grade

    January Only

    Monday- Burton

    Tuesday- Nelson

    Wednesday- Catlett

    Thursday- Pirkle

    Eighth Grade

    Monday: Sifers 3-4pm

    Tuesday: Strait 3-4pm

    Wednesday: DuPree 3-4pm

    Thursday: Berman 3-4pm

    Literacy Tools by Lexile across Content

    The Smithsonian website provides current articles each day that include text, images and audio/video. Filter articles by Lexile or by grade.

    Hour of Code across BV

    See attached link for BV district examples of Hour of Code Activities. Great to see at home (PSM) and the district. Feel free to steal and save for use now and later.

    Check out the Ed Tech coding resources.

    Broadcast January 11 - 22 (report no sooner than 12:55 daily)

    Jan. 12 early dismissal no broadcast

    Jan. 18 No school

    Ashlyn Richardson Director/Sound

    Aden Barash Engineer

    Evan Schimmel PPT Technician

    Abby Gahagan Anchor

    Elizabeth Finn Anchor

    Drop Off Table

    Front line has done a strong job eliminating interruptions to instruction due to delivered items. Lunch is used heavily. However, emails are being sent to you about your students and instructional items. To protect you from direct interruptions, please be aware of emails/items being delivered.

    Key Dates

    Monday, January 11: Math Recommendation Spreadsheets to Math Team by 3:00

    Tuesday, January 12: Leadership Second Semester Make a Difference Assembly with ELA classes (schedule sent by email from SS)

    Tuesday, January 12: PLC Ideal AFL share out for 7th and 8th grades during PLC

    Tuesday, January 12: Early Release - district design starting at 1:45

    Tuesday, January 12: All teaching staff meet in library from 1:20 - 1:30

    Wednesday, January 13: Leadership PLC at 3:00

    Thursday, January 14: PSM Jose Pepper Night (PTO)

    Monday, January 18: No School (No Kids, no Staff)

    Wednesday, January 20: TCB Early Release list due today for Tuesday

    Wednesday, January 20: BBB Kicks Off

    Thursday, January 21: Sixth Grade Orchestra Workshop (PRMS)

    Thursday, January 21: BVH Eighth Grade Band Night

    Friday, January 22nd: KAP Ethics for teaching and para staff available during PLC

    Friday, January 22nd: Panther Night for 6 and 7

    Monday, January 25th: BBB

    Tuesday, January 26th: Early Release (Grade Prep, PLC KAP Assessment Review)

    Tuesday, January 26th: Matinee Schedule

    Tuesday, January 26th: Problem Solving PLC Reflection & Evaluation PD (w/ Leadership)

    Wednesday, January 27th: BBB

    Wednesday, January 27th: BVH Enrollment Evening (8th Grade)

    Thursday, January 28th: Musical

    Friday, January 29th: KAP Ethics Make ups (2:55) for those unable to attend on 22nd

    Friday, January 29th: Musical

    February 1 - 6: School Counseling Week

    Monday, February 01: Math Recommendation Spreadsheets due from Math team to Sigg

    Monday, February 01: BBB

    Tuesday, February 02: Progress Report Window Open

    Wednesday, February 03: BBB

    Friday, February 05: PTO Meeting

    Friday, February 05: Progress Report Window Closes

    Tuesday, February 09: PTC 3:15 - 7:15 (Scheduled)

    Wednesday, February 10: Band Guest Conductor (8th Grade - 7th/8th hour)

    Thursday, February 11: PTC all day (slight change coming at Leadership)

    Tuesday, February 23: Students Meet with Leadership about Second Semester Leadership

    Tuesday, February 23: Three Tiered Lesson Plan Share out during PLC (by content)

    Community Partners - From PTO

    • JOSE PEPPERS & PSMS on JANUARY 14th from 4-10 PM

    (143rd & Metcalf), 10% OF SALES GO TO PSMS PTO.



    SAVE THE DATE! 143rd & Metcalf

    Grab your friends & neighbors on Early Release,

    Feb. 23rd 2-4 pm. Lots of fun!

    • Target - Take Charge of Education

    You can designate our school by visiting or call 1-800-316-6142 & use your REDcard when you shop!

    A percentage of all your purchases will go back to PSMS!

    • Box Tops for Education - Clip the Box Tops from participating products & send them to the school office. PSMS gets 10¢ per box top when redeemed. IT ADDS UP!

    10% of sales go to PSMS. Visit or call at 816.941.2262. MUST SAY WITH PSMS!

    PAT Dates

    PAT dates: 3/29,4/12,4/26,5/10