Counselor Corner Newsletter

September 2017

Remind Notices

Parents and Students, please set up Remind on your phone for your grade level!

Text to: 81010
Put in the Message:
9th- @df728

10th- @a7ae7g

11th- @373kbgd

12th- @achscouns

Testing Day and Career Fair Sign Ups

On October 11 all 9-11th graders will participate in Testing Day and Career Fair. Why October 11? Nationally this date is used by the College Board to give the PSAT, a practice test for the SAT college entrance exam. This test is also used to determine National Merit Scholarship winners. Only the test taken in the junior year counts in the scholarship competition. ACHS provides testing to all 9th-11th graders on this morning.

9th grade- Pre-ACT ($12), PSAT ($16), or college visit field trip (no fee)

10th grade- Pre-ACT (no fee) or PSAT($16)

11th grade- Practice ACT (no fee), ASVAB (no fee), or PSAT ($16)

12th grade- Seniors can take the ASVAB (no fee)

In the afternoon we host a career fair. We will have over 50 speakers discussing their careers in 30 minute sessions. You will sign up next week for your careers of choice during seminars.

Which Test Should I Take?

ACT vs SAT: Colleges across the nation accept both. There are more opportunities locally to prepare for the ACT. However, some students prefer the format of the SAT. ACT's content is English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing while the SAT is Reading. Writing, and Math. For the majority of our sophomores who will be taking the ACT as juniors, the Pre-ACT is the most common test. For freshmen this year is an extra year of prep and experience because neither the PSAT or Pre-ACT is normed for this grade level. Also, if you are interested in the military, please sign up to take the ASVAB, Even if you are a junior and know that you are interested in the military, you can retake it as a senior.

Counselor's Corner Website under the ACT/SAT tab provides lots of information about these tests.

Senior Information

Counselor Corner website should be your new BFF!

We will start meeting with you individually about college, career, scholarship, etc. goals. Sign up here!

Colleges will start visiting us in September. Sign up here!

Check out the scholarships and opportunities.

These are good college visit days because you are out of school: September 25 and October 11 and 20. Reminder- you don't have to attend our Testing and Career Day.

Financial Aid Night for Juniors and Seniors and Parents

Wednesday, Sep. 20th, 6:30pm

1744 North Andover Road

Andover, KS

WSU Financial Aid Advisor Ms. Tegan Perry will make a presentation about filling out the FAFSA, scholarships, loans, grants and financial aid planning. If the student attends, he/she will be entered into a drawing that night for 1 of 2 $500 Wichita State scholarships!