Bone Out From Boneville

By: Jeff Smith


The Bone cousins are chased out of boneville because Phoney Bone got them in trouble. They are in the desert when they are chased by lots of locusts in to the valley, then they are separated. Winter comes and they are still separated Phoney is wandering the wilderness, Smiley found his way to the village in the middle of the valley, Fone makes himself a small house in the wilderness. Fone bone meets the princess and they become friends. Her and her grandma help Fone Bone find Phoney. Then the house is attacked by Rat Creatures, and they escape to go to the village where they find Smiley who is working at the inn to pay off his rent. The cow races are about to start and they end the book there.

Why Someone Should Read This Book

You should read this book if you like adventure and action. It is a very descriptive book, with pictures. It is the first book in a long series of Bone books. It is not very hard to read. That is why you should read this book.