By: Olga Assaba


Badminton started in China when they invented this game in 5th century BC called "Ti jian zi" which means "Kicking the shuttle". Its like dribbling a soccer ball in the air but on this one you use a birdie. How you play this game is you have to keep the birdie in the air without using your hands so it doesn't hit the ground. Even though it kind of doesn't relate to badminton but it was the first game that used a shuttle. Centuries later other people from different countries like Greece, Japan, India and of course china started to play this game but instead they started to use battledore(a paddle) to hit the birdie back and forth. In the 15th century the game started to become popular and more and more people from Europe, England started playing it and some of the names of the game were changed to "Poona", or "Jeu De volant". In 1870's were the time when they started adding the nets to the game to make it more fun. In 1877 is when the British finally called the game "The badminton game" and they also started to make rules for it. Since then more people started playing it and it became popular all over the country.
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The smash shot

The smash shot is the powerful shot of all and it is kind of like a spike but you use a little bit more force hitting the birdie because its lighter than a volleyball. It is also kind of like a drive but its angled downwards. You would want to aim the shot further from your opponents court . Sometimes when your doing a smash shot, it can go all the way in the back of the court but when your trying to smash it so it can be impossible for the other opponent to get it, don't use a lot of force.
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