Too many police Too little peace


Police brutality needs to come to a stop!

The police enforcement are supposed to protect us but now we have to protect ourselves from the police. In some cases there are police officers that often abuse their powers. They beat citizens that are unarmed or not dangerous at all. Also if they were ever sued and brought to court the officer would win because he thinks he's just completing his job, no police brutality.

About police brutality!

Police brutality is not a new thing that has been going on, this has been taking place for years and years mostly towards black people. For example Oscar Grant, a 22 year old was talking a train with his friends on New Years Eve and he got into a little fight with somebody from he had beef with in jail. But the other guy started the fight and when they stopped fighting the police came. The cops told everyone involved in the fight to get off the train and the cops started to point the people who they believed were in the fight out. They got Oscar and his friends off the bus and he was trying to explain to the cops what happened but they kept roughing him up and throwing him around. Oscar kept trying to explain to them what happened but they still wouldn't listen. So one cop slammed him down on the ground and another cop had his knee on his head so he wouldn't get up. One cop thought he was pulling something out and shot him in his back. Nothing was on Oscar he was clean and unarmed.

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A voice a day, helps put the guns away!

Join us on November 25, 2014 to spread the word about stopping police brutality. As we hold a big start off rally to get everyone fired up, and then we will hold a protest in front of the police station so they can hear what we have to say. This will be a peaceful protest with chants, signs, and a bunch of people. Come out and come support. You can make a difference in tomorrow's matters.