Brain Injury

Understanding long-term brain injury

Frontal Lobe

Bobby was involved in a car accident. His head hit the steering wheel as a result of not wearing his seatbelt. The accident caused a traumatic brain injury of the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex. After several months, Bobby was still unable to move his left arm, had trouble thinking, couldn’t remember dates and often had mood swings.

There are some things a caretaker for Bobby needs to understand. The frontal lobe controls certain body functions. Movement, thinking, reasoning, behavior, memory, and speaking. According to Breedlove & Watson, the frontal lobe is responsible for movement and high-level cognition (p. 39).

The brain is a complex organ. Depending on how much damage Bobby’s brain endured, the damage will determine how well Bobby will recover. Some function will return depending on rehabilitation, however Bobby will not be able to function in the same manner.

A caretaker should have questions. Included:

What types of rehabilitation are effective?

How long will recover take?

What will happen if rehabilitation is ineffective?


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