New Weapons of War

Katrina and Steffanie

New Weapons

  • Air Craft
  • Poison Gas
  • Machine Guns
  • Mortars
  • Tanks
  • U-Boats

Air Craft

The Air Crafts are used for watching enemy armies, shooting and bombing troops, and air-to-air combat.

Poison Gas

Poison Gas is used to cause blindness and nausea and to destroy the respiratory system causing them to suffocate and die.

Machine Guns

Machine Guns are used to rapidly fire bullets without having to reload the gun several times. It is equivalent to 60-100 rifles.


Mortars are small, and portable. They are used for close-range attacks


Tanks are armored vehicles. They support infantry attacks and can be used to fire Machine Guns from.


U-Boats are like a submarine. They were used to sink ships such as merchant convoys.