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SVDP School Year 2018-2019

Dear SVDP Community,

It is difficult to believe that the new school year is upon us! We encourage you to enjoy these last few moments of summer before the new school year begins. As you relax and spend time with family and friends, the faculty and staff at SVDP begin to ready the school for our students.

We are working diligently here during the summer months to prepare for the coming school year, including some much-needed time to relax and time to reflect on our practice. Intermixed between vacation days and personal days, many teachers are participating in professional development opportunities.

All professional development is geared toward supporting teachers in creating a safe and engaging learning environment for all of our students. A few of the sessions teachers are attending focus on faith formation, responsive classroom practices, writer's workshop, blended learning, and data analysis.

Teachers and staff ended the school year with an in-depth discussion about the social and emotional well-being of our students and how to best support our students while in school. The Responsive Classroom Approach supports teachers and students in navigating the social and emotional components of learning. Elements of the program have already been successfully implemented across classrooms in our school and new learning will be shared with the whole staff on our teacher work days in August.

Registration for the up-coming school year is required for all new and returning families. Please follow the provided link below.

We look forward to welcoming our brand new kindergartners, our transfer students and, of course, all returning students. As we dream of the 2018-2019 school year, our hope is that it will be a year of learning and growing for all students.

One of our deepest hopes is to see each student growing in faith and spirituality and demonstrating Christian values in all areas of life. We are excited to partner with you in these endeavors.

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment to SVDP.

See you soon!!

Faculty and Staff List - 2018-2019

Homeroom Teachers

Leslie Carmignani -- Kindergarten

Anna Strain -- Kindergarten

Amy Torrano -- Grade 1

Emily Ice -- Grade 2

Kersta Bailey -- Grade 3

Rosanne Mattson -- Grade 3

Holly Posner -- Grade 4

Jenifer Spinale -- Grade 5

Tony LesCallett -- Grade 6

Eileen Woods -- Grade 7

Micaella Colla -- Grade 8

ELA Coaches/Learning Services Coor.

Jessica Cannata -- ELA Coach 3-5

Katie Nejasmich -- ELA Coach 7-8

Rotation Instructors

Dulce Aguilar -- Spanish

Susan DellaCella -- Library

Ashley Jenks -- Music/TI Coordinator

Kerry Kirkpatrick -- Student Life Coor./Writing Coach

Learning Support

James Andrews

Patrick Gabon

DeAnna Melchior -- Math Support

Administrative Office

Brenda Barkley -- Development

Mary Barnes -- Receptionist

Marie Ferdon -- Admissions

Marguerite Pini -- Administration

Kenneth Westray -- Pastor

Peter Yeh -- Business Manager


Ramiro Diaz -- Janitor

Juan Ferreira -- Lunch Coordinator

Dorothy Phillips -- Extended Care Assistant

Patricia Shanks -- Extended Care Director

Independent Contractors

Rhythm & Moves -- PE

Shakespearience -- Performing Arts

Registration beginnings August 1st

It is that time of year to complete the registration process for the 2018-2019 school year.

All families, both new and returning, are required to go through the process of registration. The registration process gathers the latest contact information on each family for daily school communication, emergency situations, and required Archdiocesan signature pages.

Please review and update all profile information for all family members and authorized individuals. CLICK on the provided button below to begin registration.

If you are a new family, you must create a password for your Beehively account before proceeding to the registration portal. For step by step instructions please visit: http://svdpsf.com/2018-2019-school-year

SVDP Registration for 2018-2019

Parent must be logged into Beehively before beginning the registration process. Contact techsupport@svdpsf.com for assistance.

Classic Designs -- Our school uniform provider

Thank you to our uniform committee who assembled last year to provide feedback and assess other options for our school uniforms. After a thorough job researching our options, the committee recommended to stay with our uniform provider, Classic Design, and additional items will be made available for purchase through our provider.

All uniform items are to be purchased through our uniform provider.

The following items can be purchased else where:

  • Crew socks, tights and leggings can be purchase from an outside provider as long as they are white (tights and leggings can be white or navy).
  • Undershirts or turtle necks can be worn underneath required shirts (white only)
  • Shoes are to be ALL white leather top tennis/athletic shoes (no logos or color designs permitted)
  • Hair accessories should be school colors (no distracting designs or attachments)

Please visit the website -- Classic Designs

Committee Members needed: Consider volunteering

A committee for the Advancement of St. Vincent de Paul Church and School is currently recruiting for individuals who are passionate about the viability of our faith community and wish to contribute to its sustainability and growth towards its future in the city of San Francisco.

The committee is to be comprised of individuals who are:

  • known in the parish community and in the local geographic community, with deep roots and a solid commitment to the ongoing growth and prosperity of both the parish and the local area

  • willing to research and identify possible sources of funding and are willing to make an initial appeal for money

  • personable, outgoing and sociable

  • willing to work within the boundaries of a subcommittee, working towards a specific task and goal, and may even be willing to take a lead role regarding this subcommittee

  • willing to make a minimum of a two-year commitment as a member of this board/committee/cabinet and are willing to regularly attend monthly meetings

We are also seeking parishioners and parents with fund raising experience.

If you, or some one you know, has any combination of these gifts and talents, please nominate them or encourage them to volunteer. For more information, please contact Fr. Ken Westray or Ms. Marguerite Pini.

Summer Reading 2018 for Parents and Teachers

Earlier this summer, we recommended a book to our parent community, How to Raise Kind Kids - And Get Repect, Gratitude, and a Happier Family in the Bargain by Thomas Lickona. If you haven't yet picked up a copy, please consider reading it. It is a fantastic resource for parents and teachers that can provide adults with talking points about growing our children into respectful and responsible individuals.
Summer Newsletter 2018

Access all summer assignments, classroom supply lists, 2018-2019 school year calendars and other important information here!