St. Catherine

Project by: Brandon Chang, Nicholas Pesce, Taylor Weller


St. Catherine of Sienna was born on March 25, 1347. When St. Catherine was twelve her parents wanted her to get married, but she begged them to allow her to stay single. St. Catherine concentrated her virginity to Christ at the age of seven. She rejoined the world and began to serve Christ in the sick the poor and the ignorant. St. Catherine entered into to correspondence with the princes and republics in Italy. When St. Catherine was young she began to see visions and practice extreme austerities. Austerities are sternness or severity of manner and attitude. When she was younger she began to practice how to serve God and how to do him good, so in the future she can be able to serve him. St. Catherine was a courageous, kind, and thoughtful person that cared for the needs of people. She was a caring kind of person who loved everyone.

St. Catherine of Siena was credited for many things, many of which she is famous for. For starters, she was one of the most renowned mystics and intellectuals in the Catholic world. She became a Dominican tertiary at age 16, and had been having visions of Christ, Mary, and the Angels since she was six. She was a truly brilliant theologian, one of the most famous in Church history, even though she had never gotten any formal education. She persuaded Gregory XI to return to Rome from Avignon, where the papacy had been residing for quite some time. She also worked to heal the Western Schism. A schism is a split in the Church. This schism, driven by politics rather than theological disagreement, happened when two, and later three, rival popes claimed the position. Her letters to Pope Clement are some of the most remembered in the history of the Church. The reason that she was made a saint was that she received the Stigmata after her death. The Stigmata is the wounds that Jesus received while he was being nailed to the cross.

On 3 October 1970, she was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI. She wrote letters to the church and they were considered among the most brilliant writings of the Catholic Church. One of the reasons why she benefited the Catholic Church was when it was November 1378, during the outbreak of the Western Schism, Pope Urban VI, asked her to go to Rome. She stayed at Pope Urban VI's court and tried to convince nobles and cardinals of his legitimacy (his rightful placement for pope), both meeting with individuals at court and writing letters to persuade others. The Western Schism was when the Catholic Church splinted and they were two popes and later, three. We celebrate her by having her feast day on April 30th. She was also scholastic philosopher and theologian. On 1 October 1999, Pope John Paul II named her as a one of the six patron saints of Europe. There were a lot of reasons of why she was important but in my opinion. I think her most important or impressive thing about her was when she had visions of Christ and angels when she was little.


Did You Know? Saint Catherine of Siena (Feast Day: April 29)


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