Persuasive Smore

Should cities offer free public Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, because I think every part around the world needs free Wi-Fi for people that are working, and if you have technology involve your job, you need the Wi-Fi to be able to do their job and research.

Do you wish to live in a world without having Wi-Fi connection?

In the entire world, people need Wi-Fi to work, people need Wi-Fi to do research for important information they need. For example, when people are going to start news, they need to search the information to see if the information is true or not.

How would people do without Wi-Fi?

Many people this days use most things using Wi-Fi, without it, we wouldn't have a lot of information about the world this days, and people wouldn't be able to communicate with others without Wi-Fi, because they need service to be able to do a lot things.

How can Wi-Fi keeps us connected with the world?

Many people use the Wi-Fi to connects with people they know or to connect with the world for information to be able to help or support on something important, like the news, they need real information and facts, so they contact people to be able to get real facts. Without that source, we wouldn't be aware of things going around us now days.