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Salient Benefits of Press Release Submission

A lot of marketers have been discussing across various forums whether Press release is dead, outdated or Still works.

As far as I am concerned, this still works, and it would continue to do in the coming ages. Even in the age of new media, these releases work just fine to provide valuable exposure and traffic to companies.

There are several ways companies tend to spread their PR (press release). These promotional text can be spread either through press release submission services or one can submit its press release on his own.

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Below are some benefits of Submitting PR.

Every Niche business can benefit from Press releases. It doesn’t matter what type of business you do. These releases work for everyone. Whatever be the niche, it helps the business get some exposure, even on blogs and podcasts.

The process is not expensive. Most of the businesses prefer writing their own release. The only expensive that adds up is hiring a PR submission agency to distribute it. These agencies don’t charge much, with charges starting from $50 for 10 submissions and so on. These agencies are responsible for taking your release in front of a wider audience and spread it even further.

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PR, as you might not believe is pretty useful in boosting your company’s visibility. It is not only important for small business or startups, but even big companies want to cover user’s mindset and hence opt-in for press releases every now and then.

One thing that can get you more clients dramatically under a short spam of time is establishing yourself as an expert. Whenever someone needs a service or a product, he/she wants to purchase it from an expert. Through press release, you can set up yourself or present yourself as an expert in your niche and become the preferred choice of your customers.

Further on this topic, Some press releases ( those who are written properly ) have the potential of spreading far and wide. Sometimes releases in local magazines get picked up by big magazines and this is how content sometimes spread far and gives maximum benefit to the company.

Investors keep in touch of news, by this you have a fair chance of a potential investor offering you an offer. There has been several news when investors or big companies offered a great deal to startups after reading their press release.


Overall press releases are beneficial, both of startups and businesses who have already established themselves. One can also use news to get more and more customers and increase its profits. You might have seen several companies who blabber about their news coverage in order to acquire more customers.

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