Harriet Tubman

a Hero for all Time

Minty Ross

Harriet's name was Araminta (minty) Ross but she took her mothers name, Harriet, during her childhood then used her husbands name after marring him. Harriet Tubman was a slave that wanted badly to escape to freedom. She set out on her way following the north star. She was very proud of herself but she missed her family and promised herself she would go to the south to bring them to freedom.


Harriet Tubman became a conductor in the underground railroad because of her trips back to the South. On her third trip to the South she saved people that she didn't know and brought them to freedom. It is estimated that she made 18 or 19 trips to the south and back rescuing slaves. She freed many slaves, including her parents.
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During the Civil wat she was a nurse and a spy. Another helpful thing she did was she opened up her home to black fugitives. She was a very kind person that helped anyone that came to her door.