2 Brand New Game Releases!

Both Free!

Want to know what they're like?

The first game is a small platformer where you jump to reach the end and retrieve the gold star. Simple, right? You'll find it hard to turn away from!

The second game is an action packed chase where after accidentally entering the Rover's terrain, you must run away from it before it catches you! But remember: one touch and you're dead.

But that's not all! After escaping from it, a final showdown takes place where you receive your weapons and must take down the Rover! As soon as you destroy it, you're safe to get away and think of what exciting adventures you may have next.

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No Price- Absolutely Free!

Release Date:

Monday 22nd April, 3pm

Whitley Bay Lighthouse

Whitley Bay

We Guarantee a Whole Cactus-Full of AWESOMENESS

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