CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

A selection of some amazing Drama work from our very talented students.

Miss Hallybone is so proud of the Year 10 Drama group for their outstanding work this term, their dedication to the subject and their superb devising this term



Miss Jenkins would like to congratulate 7CA for their amazing body percussion compositions this week. They worked really hard and performed confidently to each other. Well done!

We would also like to celebrate the Year 7 music technology students for their brilliant Blues pieces. They are a triumph!


Mr Horne has nominated Year 10 students Jasmine S, Brandon W, Finley D & Daniel C for consistent effort all term in Maths and also Year 9 student Ella C and Year 8 student Sandra S.


Mrs Brown has nominated Year 9 English students Olivia W, Bo, Kasenija, Sania and Chanelle A for excellent book work in English this term


Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Year 9 student Chanel for her dedication to her form time activities and completing them to a high standard. Also nominated are Year 10 Sociology students Israel, Niav, Shamiso and Kelly for their hard work and dedication to tackling a new topic we covered this term and Year 11 Sociology students Klaudia, Lukas, and Sophie for working extra hard in the lessons, taking an active part in class discussions and showing 100% commitment to sociology.


Mr Godfrey has nominated Year 12 students Jack H and Oliver for great practical work in Physics


Mrs Gonzalez-Villamil Lean has nominated Year 10 student Alicja M for her high standards, work ethic and sustained focus in lessons. Also nominated is Year 7 student Liam O’D for his fantastic participation, enthusiasm, effort and classroom etiquette in every lesson.

Mrs Sahota has nominated Year 7 students Ryan B, Dominik A and Effraim for their outstanding effort, dedication and hardwork shown this term in Spanish.


Mr Rogers has nominated Abigail, Neave and Adelin all in Year 10 for their fantastic coursework in Sport Science. Also nominated are Josh and Olivia in Year 9 for their effort in PE.

Year 7 Applications:

Information is now available on the school website for parents applying for a Year 7 place for September 2021. There are videos from Mrs Reynolds (Principal) and Miss James and Mrs Arnold (Vice Principals). Information is also available on SEN and the subjects taught here at Corby Technical School including what our students enjoy most about our school.


  • School closes today for the two week break and we reopen on Monday 26th October.