School Lunches

by. Grayson Pope, Lexi Long. Jennica Cavaness


Italy's School Lunches

As you can see, on that tray is fresh rotini pasta, rosemary chicken, fresh grapes, a small loaf if italian bread, and a blend of cherry tomatoes and shredded lettuce.

Spain's School Lunches

What you see here is a fresh bowl of tomato basil soup, zesty shrimp over wildrice, a freshly cut lemon for the shrimp, a variety of fresh bell peppers, and a soft crunch bread.

USA's School Lunches

Here in the USA, we have frozen chicken nuggets, canned and bland mashed potatoes, frozen peas, pre-made fruit cups, and a stale cookie.


Anybody can see that the comparisons are ridiculous. What the USA serves to children in school is ridiculous, but guess what, Gene Pike Middle School can change all this, make a difference. Please make a stand with us to provide more quality food for Pike.