The Engine That Runs Industry, Power, and Finance

The Automotive Industry Prospers

What: Automobiles, commuting, and interstate travel becomes increasingly popular

When: Throughout 1950's

Location: Across America

Cause: Gas and industrial prices drop significantly after war since industry could now be directed to living needs instead of war material

Reason: Industry could now be directed to living needs instead of war material

Result: Leads to an apparent appreciation in sales toward automobile goods, and therefore highway and gas station construction

Significance: Americans were now much more reliant on gasoline and oil; in time, this would lead to international disputes, including the semi-recent Middle East tensions; also cause of safety hazards inducing car crashes and occasional death

To Whom: American citizens, American government and trade systems

Franchising Innovates the Business World

What: A new technique which practiced spreading a certain company or business across America, depleting its exclusivity but significantly increasing profit and popularity

When: Started in the '50's, still applied to today's businesses

Location: Across America, later used internationally

Cause: Business owners wanted to maximize profits and improve general recognition from public

Reason: More profit would allow the companies to grow, become more powerful, and make a select few extremely wealthy

Result: Popularized restaurants across the country, allowed for more jobs and easier access to desired goods, including food, utilities, commodities, and clothing

Significance: Led to today massive amounts of networked businesses, created a challenge for independent businesses to gain a threshold in the competitive economy, certain chains including fast food would promote obesity and unhealthy dieting; created millions of jobs over the last few decades

To Whom: American businessmen and citizens