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Have you heard the word?

The bird is the word. And the word is you are working so hard to be a loving husband and father. I couldn't ask for a better man to raise children with - because by your examples, you are teaching the boys to lead a better life than you had. You are using your weaknesses to have compassion and understanding. And you are using your strengths to be a postive role model in their lives. You love them fully, as you are fully loved by our Father :)

Keep up the good work you are doing

All of your bible study, personal convictions, prayer, and discussion with godly men is refining you into the person you need to be, for God. That person he is creating in you is a wonderful, caring daddy/husband/man that leads this family in ways I couldn't imagine. The skills God has given you and the time you have worked on different talents has just created a wonderful man, that we get to celebrate as part of our family. Thank you for each day, each dirty diaper, every time you wake up to screaming kids, and for each hug and kiss at night. WE LOVE YOU always and forever!!!

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