Evergreen Music Notes

March Madness

Music's Role for Inhibitory Control

Wow, that's a big phrase for a music teacher! Inhibitory Control is a term generally used to define a child's ability to have self-control. Specifically, it is the process of paying attention to what information is relevant and blocking out that which is not. Have you ever asked your child to sit still or stop getting up from the dinner table? Do you have a colleague who consistently interrupts you? This is a lack of inhibitory control.

Enter your friendly music teacher who teaches students to move their bodies appropriately to the style of music, and who teaches them to clap one rhythm while singing another. These are examples of how inhibitory control is taught to your children through music. The great news is learning these concepts will transfer to their regular classroom and at home.

Other great ways to teach inhibitory control at home? Play Red Light Green Light or Mirror Image (stand face to face and follower copies the leader's movements exactly), or Musical Chairs. They'll be having so much fun they won't know they're learning life skills!

New Things By Grade

Kindergarten and First Grade

Playing sand blocks while singing our new song, "Rhythm of the Rain."

Second Grade

Brass and Percussion Families and playing melodies using Handbells

Third Grade

Finishing up Time Signatures and beginning to read music of our new song, "Rhythm of the Rain."

Fourth Grade

Congratulations to Eason Chen and Lexy Gerard, who have earned their first Recorder karate tassels! Students can pass their songs during lunch or recess on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Fifth Grade

They have received their ukulele reward packets. For each completed packet, they will receive a gift card to Menchies!