Greenwich Village, New York 1954

Oh, New York, New York. The city that doesn't sleep. In this case, there was only one man that didn't sleep. His name is L.B. Jefferies, the man who witnessed what he though was a crime taking place. His curiosity led him to sleepless days of investigation. What he found out was maybe more than he could handle.

Mr. Jefferies's Story

L.B. has been in a wheelchair for quite a while now due to an accident he had while on the job. Mr. Jefferies is a photographer, which came in handy when dealing with this case. One night, Mr Jefferies could not sleep. He was sitting like usual, facing the window, when all of a sudden, he noticed suspicious activity from his neighbor. He noticed his neighbor was going in and out of his house very late at night. He claims he saw him with his suit case that he normally used for work. Another thing he noticed was that the man's wife was nowhere to be found. Mr. Jefferies ignored this fact until a few days later. Mr. Jefferies took matters into his own hands and began investigating the disappearance of the man's wife. Of course, he had help from his girlfriend, Lisa Carol Fremont. Ms. Fremont played a major key in his investigation. according to some sources, Mr. Thorwald's wife apparently went on a trip. Some things didn't add up to Ms. Fremont, like the fact that she saw Mrs. Thorwald's ring. This is very odd thing to many people since we all know a women leaves anywhere without her rings.